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Diesel Reman and Parts


Diesel Reman and Parts is the Branch of Find Diesels that connects customers to new and remanufactured complete diesel engines with great efficiency and some of the lowest prices in the diesel engine industry.

DB Sales Company


 DB Sales Company is the owner and operator of Find Diesels. It is the original foundation and life blood of the Find Diesels Brand and branches. All partners that are associated with Find Diesels were all either acquired or created by DB Sales Company.

Diesel and Generator Sales


 Diesel and Generator Sales is the branch of Find Diesels that builds their generators in their own warehouse. This means optimal pricing, specification, and assurance that you get exactly what you're looking for in a generator set!



We are a full Dealer for all industrial and truck Perkins diesel engines and parts. From the 404D-22T to the 1104D-44 to the 4.108, we can find you the right product down to the serial number.

Diesel Rebuild Kits and Parts


 Diesel Rebuild Kits and parts is branch of Find Diesels that acts as a dealer for practically any diesel parts and kits. Perkins, Yanmar, John Deere, Cummins, Iveco, Kobelco, and many more!

Governors of America Corp.


We're also a full dealer and distributor of all Governors of America Corp. products. Engine governors, actuators, mag pick ups, and more: chances are we can help!